You are not here by chance

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Actually nothing in life happens by chance but your own ego is very good in keeping the illusion in place. You might be here because of trying to find the beginning of your path, are frustrated of having no motivation in life, or just seek a place which you can mock and then feel a bit better. All these reasons are totally fine. My name is Nobody, 1978 born male who likes to wander in the nature and read interesting stuff. I have managed to get a degree in Industrial Management and Engineering. At the moment I heal physical vehicles of the soul as massage therapist. Pretty basic guy except I seem to be quite sensitive for spiritual things. Before I found the beginning of my path, I have had some strange experiences like many of us. My dog visited me at night after her death, I have heard a small girl singing in an empty house and my son walked with me before he was born. Easy for your mind to forget. Just grab a beer, shrug and watch TV. Until an alarm bell woke me up and I found the beginning of my path.


I am

I am

Flow, Water, flow
Blow, Wind, blow
Fire burn the pain away
Earth, calm me down

At the moment I am living in an almost complete solitude with my dog. This step on the spiritual path is described as a Hermit-stage in tarot. Apart of my job, which is the treating the pains of physical body of my fellow travelers, I meet only people who are catalysts of the growth.

In my last energy healing session it was possible to dig deep into the subconscious area of my being. This chamber was full of oily black liquid. Lights were lit there but the goo remained. Then couple of weeks ago, I used the drum with meditation and the liquid exploded to surface. Every single disrupting thought and feeling hit me like a hive of mosquitos. I was lost in this chaos and had to find a way out.

Then I remembered a short film, made by Mooji. There ego is a separate guy, harassing and making life a mess. I watched it again and found also some other teachings from this teacher. When the buzzing of the thoughts was loudest, I said in my head: I am. The effect was instant. I came back to this moment and the attack stopped.

Now I feel cleansed and have a way of protection against ego-mind attacks. Whenever I feel like some kind of theater of thought chain is forming, I do the same. I concentrate to this moment and say to myself: I am.

It is very interesting of how the mantra is easing and calming the mind. When I feel the fear of not having enough customers next week, or when I feel the anxiety of how long work day I have, I use the same technique and return to now moment.

Even I don't know how long the Hermit-stage lasts on spiritual journey, it is comforting to notice that in this moment the mind is calm and I am full of trust for the path I am walking. However long it takes, everything is all right. I am strengthening the connection with spiritual world. Tarot-deck is the way of communicating and I can trust it to work.

I am facing the occasional need to drink or eat unhealthy food and sweets as a part of my being. All things from the dark and light side of me needs to be accepted and surrendering to the life seems to be the best way to do that.

For the first time I saw an orb in my house. I have never earlier seen that kind of thing so clearly and with my physical eyes. I feel that is one strong message that spirit world is closer than before.

The miracle is next step on Spiritual path after The Hermit. It will be so exciting to notice it to form.




A note about this blog

Dear Readers

A small note about this blog

Please understand that my writings are not a teaching. They are a growth story from the first writing to last. I do not want to push any kind of truths to anybody. My purpose is to shed some light so you can find your own path and make you think.

The picture attached is from the last days in my (self made) prison. My soul is already singing because it has found its purpose and will be set free.

With kind regards




Even though I walk through the darkest valley

Even though I walk through the darkest valley

I will fear no evil

It took 41 years to find a way to escape this level of 3d matrix. The locks of wealth, fame and ego had to be opened. Also, the script that enslaves us in place had to be broken. The programming of what kind of life I should have, where I need to aim, and what to achieve is now removed. I feel free.

I thought once again that I would not write this blog anymore, but the suffering of my friend triggered something and the inspiration came. She is one of the bright ones, the souls who have come to this planet to lift and enlighten. How come then she feels to be somehow lost and not to belong, or even pain?

The story begins like this. There was once an experimental 3D planet where you were supposed to be able to create whatever you wanted and do great things. In order to experience also something different than eternal bliss and the light side of being on this dimension, you had to agree to wipe your memory for the time of this illusion.

However, something went wrong. The lower energies got stronger time after time and the whole field of unity consciousness fell to very low vibration level.

The situation needed correction and volunteers were gathered. They promised to go through the lower planes of the consciousness field and find their way back up, at the same time being the guidance beacons to others so they could follow. In this way the unity could rise once again and we could continue the joyful experience.

If you, in this moment when reading this, feel lost, hopeless, out of control or that something is wrong or missing, you probably are one of those who came here with the intention to lift through the vibration levels and shine so your sisters and brothers could follow. There is no way for you to stay in your comfort zone and wait something miraculous to happen, making you feel better.

You need to find your way out from this level. Please do not wander in dark forest looking for light behind the trees. You need to look up! Find your passion in life, it will begin the spiral towards higher plain.

I will also tell you that there are many who want to help. They will show you the clear signs where to go if you can get into contact with them. I suggest for example: tarot, a medium, an energy healer or, if you are talented for that, communication in dream state.

It will take many steps. You need to show endurance and that you want to go forward or even lead.

You came to do this, Child of Light. Show to whole suffering planet what you are made of.

With kind regards



Letting go of the illusion of ego

Letting go of the illusion

Of ego

Close your eyes, put the hands on the ears and keep breathing. Can the observer be shut down? There are still sensations of seeing something, hearing something and feeling. It is now proven that the consciousness exists.

The next thing is to notice the thoughts that arise from the brains and the feelings that stir because of those thoughts. Whatever comes up, it is all right. Whatever the brains create, let it come, allow.

Now, where is the ego? The thing that tries to identify to these thoughts and feelings. It does not exist. If “you” thinks it does, it is just again a thought that the brains create. An illusion that there is something between the observer and the thoughts. When this is really digested, a new feeling begins to form in the heart. The feeling of joy when the brains relax, and then internal laughter. Every thought is ok, every feeling is fine.

Why then, somebody might ask, the illusion of ego is? The reason is that the consciousness wants to experience everything that is possible to be experienced. The “ego” is needed to create the play that source wants to play with itself, to cause the drama and collisions between these puppets that wander around.

When the ego is brought to light, it might be noticed of not existing. Because everything is allowed and ok, things like mundane work becomes enjoyable, the visit to dentist is full of new experiences, the many hours of massaging work keeps inner happiness in place. All is well, all is allowed and the fears are gone.

Whatever brings more joy and passion, go towards that. The path is clear and sun is shining.


Nobody, truly


The world is not the devil

The world is not the devil

You have the power

It took a bit longer time for me to reach the next plane on my path. First I had to realize that the whole world is not as it seems to be. Everything is an illusion created by our minds. Every single religion, political parties and all beliefs have been invented by our common consciousness. Somebody has made them and then the idea has spread by this network of communication. The funniest thing is that every single fractal thinks it is separate. If you read that previous sentence with thought, you might notice that separation too is a creation of a mind.

The next step was to link the illusion of the world around to the vibration levels. The heavier the level of this single fractal, the heavier things it will attract. If your own level is low, the similar experiences happen to you. On the other hand when you reach the higher planes, the more high level things happen around you. The lower levels nuisances can’t even reach you.

What are the issues affecting your vibration most, might be asked. The most important, at least for me, seems to be eating anything with a heart. It will put you to the lowest levels where dwell the predators and the prey. It is the level of animals where you need to compete about anything just to survive.

Then come the stimulants. Alcohol, tobacco and sugar, when large amounts are consumed, will drop your vibration level for a certain amount of time, attracting lower level acts to your fractal.

The third thing is news, conspiracy theories, and all things fed to you by world causing fear, anxiety and anger. They are not real when you begin to climb the vibration, on the lower levels they are. I would suggest that you don’t watch news from TV or follow any conspiracy related channels from internet.

When having stopped eating animals, the use of stimulants, and the feed from media that is pushed into your brains by the outside world, you will begin to climb the vibration level rather fast. It can be compared to a blimp that will begin to rise slowly and then, when all the sandbags have been dropped, will reach higher and higher altitude.

I understand the doubt that this text might cause and first would suggest that you begin with small steps. The single most important thing is to stop consuming the animals to get rid of the lowest planes. You can leave everything else in your life how it is and try to eat only vegetarian food for a week with an intent of empowering yourself to rise the frequency. You can still use dairy and eat eggs if you want.

If you notice any change in your life during that amount of time, you might feel that there is a point behind this text. For me, the changes started to happen and I continued for a month. Then I felt so much better and so many good things began to happen that I had no urge to go back to the survival planes any more. The next step is to leave the sandbags of alcohol and smokes for good. I feel already great about this.

If you will try and experience the same as I am, please send me a message and share thoughts. For you and I are the same. We all are.

With Kind Regards



The boogeyman

The boogeyman

In the cabinet

Have you ever watched Harry Potter films? There is a scene where each apprentice wizard has to meet their greatest fear by standing before the cabinet. In there, is a creature, which can transform into the greatest fear of that certain person when the doors open. The way to victory is to imagine something funny and change the situation to ridiculous.

Now, think yourself sitting on a chair before the same cabinet. You are tied down so escaping is impossible. The things keep coming out from the closet all the time. They are scenes from the past where you think having done something wrong bringing out great self-blame, shame and maybe even hate towards yourself. “How could I be so stupid?” “Why this all had to happen to me?”

Next coming out are all the things from the future that you are afraid of. “How can I manage until next paycheck?” “Is the lump in my neck cancer?” There are many ways to be afraid, not to trust that everything is well, even you have survived somehow every time so far.

It won’t help to imagine the things to something else and there is no escaping. The thoughts and emotions keep coming and you live in a horror movie inside your own head. There is nobody else to help within the world inside you.

If you have read this blog before, it maybe has led to the question to yourself; who am I? It is possible to do a little test. Close your eyes and put hands on your ears. Can you shut down the consciousness? In my experience, it is not possible.

There is always something that can observe the world through with at least five senses. The being that does not judge or talk and is beyond the emotions and thoughts. It is not the physical body either, because it can go to somewhere else during the sleep and come back when we wake up.

At the moment, every time when bothering thoughts come into the consciousness and with that the emotions follow, I ask myself: who experiences this? Who thinks that something in the past should not have happened how it did? Who is sure that the car which just broke down is irreparable and tomorrow I can’t manage? There seems to be no answer, just that noticeable observer; peaceful and calm even the surface of your being seems to be in the middle of the storm.

Can it be that whatever comes from that closet, is just an illusion of the ego? The million ways of stabbing your own brains with dull knife, are just an act of play, happening before the chair where the same ego believes to be chained?

What if, when the point of view is turned to the cabinet, there is just a mirror sitting on the chair?

I was not sure where this text would lead me when I began to write it and the end result is a bit overwhelming. I leave it to here for now.